Click Pro / CM Pro Acceptance Announcement | Frederick Maryland Photographer

I am proud to announce that the other week I was informed that my application to Click Pro, a membership of "professional photographers and highly skilled artists whose work demonstrates creativity, vision, and artistic and technical excellence."  Membership of this organization is similar to the NAPCP, which I am also a member of, and is skills based.  I had to submit a portfolio of 150 images to be reviewed and judged in accordance with the standards of Click and achieve a minimum score to be accepted.  There are very few photographers in this area that are members of Click Pro -  currently the state of Maryland has only fourteen members, the state of Virginia has twelve members, and Washington DC and the state of  West Virginia have two photographers each.  

Below is a slideshow of all 150 images that I submitted to get accepted.  I have never put together so many photographs in one place before and the set still overwhelms me, and I can STILL see things that should be fixed that actually drive me slightly crazy.  The 150 images that form my submission were sorted by season and colour. They are a mix of client portraits - high school senior portraits, child portraits, and photographs of my daughter and son that include pictures in Washington DC and Northern Virginia as well as from our trips to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, France and Spain.  There are beaches from the entire United Kingdom represented - the sandy beaches of Northern Ireland, the red rocks up in Scotland, to the shingle beaches in Wales and the south of England.  Dungeons and castles in both England, Wales and Scotland are represented, and the arches of a monastery and a medieval village in southern France appear a couple of times, too.   While these sampling of pictures appear to indicate that we have a great wanderlust, the vast majority of photographs were taken in Frederick, Maryland, both in downtown Frederick, as well as the beautiful rural countryside of Frederick county.   Sit down and relax for a moment with a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit (cookie) and let me take you on a quick tour of my memories!   Enjoy! :D