Photograph of the Day 8/365 | Photographer Frederick MD

This portrait is of my daughter and our elderly dog, Muffin who is a samoyed and will be 14 this year.  Muffin is a trooper and is still patrolling our farm, we are lucky that my husband is a veterinarian over at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital, and hope that he can keep her going forever.  

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Photograph of the Day 6/365 | Photographer Frederick MD

Meet Bently the dog.  I photographed him as part of an update that I've been doing with Jefferson Veterinary Hospital's website, where I've been taking pet portraits of the staff's dogs.  I've been really enjoying photographing pets and I am seriously considering adding it to one of my specialities.  As the wife of a veterinarian, I think that pet portraiture fits in my portfolio pretty nicely :D 

Click Pro / CM Pro Acceptance Announcement | Frederick Maryland Photographer

My accepted submission for Click Pro/Cm Pro. The 150 images are sorted by season and colour. They are a mix of client high school senior portraits, child portraits, photographs of my daughter and son, pictures of our trips to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, England, France and Spain. The vast majority of pictures were taken in Frederick, Maryland, with a few taken in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

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Middletown MD Beagles and Hunt Club | Frederick MD Photographer

Photographs taken over in beautiful Middletown, MD. 

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National Puppy Day! | Frederick Maryland Pet Photographer

Happy national puppy day!!  It's national puppy day - celebrate the cuteness!!!!!   This also seems like the perfect day to announce that I am going to start accepting clients for pet portraiture!  I focus my photography on the things that I love, and I'm not quite sure why I haven't accepted clients specifically for pet photography before ... I've been doing it on a more personal basis with my pets and include pets as part of my child and senior portrait photography experiences. 



If you are looking for a new furry family member, consider adopting from a local animal shelter or rescue!!!  If you have a puppy or dog and are looking for a veterinarian, my husband is Dr. Brooks Ahalt over at Jefferson Veterinary Hospital and, not that I'm biased or anything, I think that he's pretty great!!!  

Top 10 Images from a Senior Portrait Session | Frederick MD Senior Portrait Photographer

I took these beautiful senior portraits of Julia in the fall.  I love photographing senior portraits, it's one reason that I chose to specialist in senior portrait photography and fine art child photography, if you do what you love, it's never a chore.  We started taking these photographs in the forests located around Frederick MD, and worked our way back to my farm.   That's one thing that I love about Frederick county MD is the variety offered in landscape, and we don't have to go far for a different backdrop.    Julia rocked her senior portraits, and these are my top ten favorite images from this photography session. 

Frederick Maryland Senior Portraits and photographer
Frederick Maryland Senior Portraits

Downtown Frederick MD | Maryland Photographer

Late last summer, I took my daughter's photographs in downtown Frederick Maryland.  There is so much to see and do down there, the downtown area is really thriving and listed as one of the top ten downtown areas in the country.   We settled on outside the Weinberg as the location and took a few portraits of my daughter and our new puppy.  We then walked over to Brewer's Alley, just across the road on Market Street and grabbed something to eat afterwards.  I love that they have seating for dogs on the terrace.