The Christmas Wish - Photographed in Downtown Frederick MD

I don't usually post the story behind the portraits I photograph as I like my viewers to have their own stories, but for this photograph, and because it's Christmas, here is the story. 

I wanted a picture of my child outside of a shop window that had Christmas decorations in it - for the Christmases in England, it gets dark Very early, so pretty much any time out and about after school means it's dark.  The shops decorate and have some amazing displays and I remember looking forward to them, and to seeing what was in them each year.  The path outside the shop was always cold and damp, but inside the shop the lights and display glow and give off warmth and make the season magical.  I used a lens that I struggle with - the canon 50mm 0.95.  It is a vintage lens that gives off the most spectacular bokeh, but it is manual and the camera that I had to pair it with, a leica, does not offer live view (not that I use it when I have it available on my regular camera, but I like to complain about how it doesn't have it and like to think that if it were available with this particular lens that I would use it).  I took a picture and knew that I wanted to use it, but ended up having to composite 3 photographs together to get the look that I wanted.     

portrait of a little girl outside a shop window, photographed in downtown frederick by Clare Ahalt Photography, a fine art portrait photographer located in Maryland.